One Fifty Seven

I am, as you all know by now, always doubtful about the quality of my photographic work. Thus, I am happy to report having received an interesting bit of recognition: My picture of the tip of the One57 building on Billionaire’s Row, Manhattan (which was also featured in Photoshop User Magazin 04/19), was recently reposted by the building’s official Instagram account.

And though they didn’t mention me in the description, the photo was actually properly tagged – in today’s day and age, that’s already a rare occurrence. Now I know some people are probably gonna say I should have insisted on a licensing fee. Maybe I should have. But seriously? I’m no professional photographer, and one accidental (potential) paycheck just doesn’t seem worth the hassle (esp. considering I’d have to report it as income in Germany, requiring me to register as a freelance worker besides my regular job, etc.). Naive? Maybe. But for now I’ll just bask in the glory of people who I assume know their shit about architecture photography liking my work enough to use it for promotional purposes.

Hey, if you’re on Instagram, why not „like“ the picture and leave a comment mentioning my profile? Just an idea. 😉