#vnv52 Week 3: „Through the Storm Clouds“

Through the storm fronts we will ever surely pass to stand as neverending light.

This week, again some classic machinery from days past. Embarking on a dangerous flight through dark skies.

„Perpetual“ is easily one of VNV’s most popular songs. It’s a classic show closer with the audience singing the hook line a capella as the band closes down. It’s also a wonderfully hopeful and optimistic song.

But it’s not just shiny happy puppies and unicorns and shit. Because, you know, TANSTAAFL. To me, it is (among other things) also a song about perseverance. About marching on. Not giving up.

The storm clouds are heavy. These days, as the spectre of fascism rears its ugly head again in Germany, France, the USA and other places, they are darker than usual. But we’re not going to roll over. We’re not going to back down. And through the storm fronts we will ever surely pass. To stand as never ending light.

And yes, I know. Adding the band logo to the plane is tacky. Whatever. My blog, my photo, my fun 😉